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About Us

Hand crafted embroidery and printing
Colorful Sewing Thread

Say Something is an artisan owned modern luxury hair accessory brand. we create headbands, wraps, turbans and hair accessories from textiles, beads, gems, ribbons and vintage embellishments. we believe in slow-fashion, of the uniting of ancient and modern both in technique and style; and of the timeless empowering beauty of the ‘dressing of the head’.

we are inspired by the beauty and diversity of indigenous cultures and kingdoms worldwide, and their unique and extraordinary creations of 'headdresses'. 

we are inspired by inventiveness of modern mankind; from architecture to innovative fabrics - from the runway to renegade street style--there is endless creativity all around us to glean.

curried myrrh is committed to revealing and reflecting the expression found within each tribe (modern and ancient ) in its expression of ornament and traditional handwork.

all of our headpieces are handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail in our studio in northwest montana. from the scenting of the fabric, to the hand placing of each bead: we believe in a bespoke tendering to each piece to truly render ‘crowns of glory’.


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